Campaign Whale is an influential, non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises and their habitats. The organisation was established in 1980 and is managed by founding Director, Andy Ottaway, a well-respected leading expert in whale and dolphin protection. Campaign Whale benefits from the support of a number of long-term volunteers.

Sam Dawes of Campaign Whale with placard outside the Icelandic Embassy May 2009 Campaign Whale’s objectives are to:

  • Preserve and strengthen the ban on commercial whaling, which is in danger of total collapse
  • Force Governments to act over the increasing environmental threats to the survival of whales and dolphins from climate change, pollution, over-fishing, entanglement in nets, ship-strikes and lethal naval sonar
  • Campaign for the establishment of comprehensive whale sanctuaries to protect all whale and dolphin species and their habitats
  • Stop Iceland’s recent resumption of commercial whaling
  • End the mass slaughter of smaller whales, dolphins and porpoises in Japan and around the world

Overview of achievements:

  • Founded the Global Whale Alliance (GWA), an international network of over 160 animal welfare and conservation groups in thirty countries working together to stop commercial whaling
  • Co-launched an international campaign called ‘Whalewatch’ to highlight the cruelty of whaling with a major report entitled, ‘Troubled Waters’. The report was introduced by Sir David Attenborough
  • Established ‘America’s Whale Alliance’ to press the US Government to oppose commercial whaling
  • The only British organisation in the ‘Save Japan’s Dolphins’ coalition fighting the mass slaughter of dolphins and porpoises in Japan
  • Commissioned a major legal review exposing serious loopholes in EU legislation for the protection of whales and dolphins
  • Launched a campaign to stop oil and gas development in the feeding grounds of the critically endangered Western Pacific Gray whale
  • Funded an investigation that exposed the illegal slaughter of dolphins in Peru

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