Pledge to save Iceland’s whales

Save whales – don’t buy Icelandic seafood! Sign our pledge today!

Iceland is killing whales again, but this time we can stop them – forever!

Iceland’s fishermen plan to kill 250 whales this summer: 100 minke and 150 endangered fin whales. The whales are struck with harpoons, fired from cannons, which explode within their bodies. They can take anything up to an hour and more to die, in agony. And this cruel slaughter has already begun!
Campaign Whale is determined to stop Iceland’s whalers. All of them are fishermen that sell their fish to retailers in the UK, US and Europe. If they can’t sell their fish they will stop killing whales – it’s as simple as that. Please help our campaign, take the pledge and don’t buy your fish from whale killers!

Please click here for further details about our campaign to end Icelandic whaling.

I won’t buy fish from whale killers!

“I hereby pledge to avoid all Icelandic seafood products, including fish and prawns until Iceland stops killing whales. I also call upon fish retailers to stop buying seafood from whale killers and upon the Icelandic Government to stop all whaling forever.”

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2) Darren Jones, Nottingham, UK
1) Susan Smith, Sussex, UK

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