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More whale and dolphin killings in the Faroes

Sadly, Faroese whalers have conducted three whale kills in the past month. On May 21st, 83 pilot whales were killed at Bøur on the island of Vagar near the airport. On June 16th, 164 pilot whales whales and 8 whitesided dolphins were killed near the Faroese capital of Thorshavn and just a couple of days ago, […]

Faroese whale hunt begins despite health warnings

22nd May 2017 84 long-finned pilot whales were driven ashore and slaughtered last weekend in the first whale hunt of the year in the Faroe Islands. The whales were killed on the island of Vagar, close to the Faroe Island’s airport. Last year, a total of 295 whales were killed in five whale hunts or […]

Faroes’ health leader warns of whale meat danger

Dr Pal Weihe, Chief Physician at the Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health in the Faroe Islands, has just co-authored an alarming new study on the threat to human health caused by eating whale meat and blubber. The article entitled, ‘Health effects associated with measured levels of contaminants in the Arctic’, was published in the International […]

New whaling regulations introduced in the Faroes

The Faroese Government is introducing new whaling regulations in May intended to improve killing methods in the pilot whale hunt. Faroese animal welfare legislation, which also applies to whaling, stipulates that animals are killed as quickly and with as little suffering as possible. However, pilot whaling has long attracted international condemnation for the extreme cruelty inflicted upon […]

Campaign Whale at The International Whaling Commission meeting

Campaign Whale is at the annual meeting of the IWC in Slovenia. Our priorities for this meeting are to ensure the ongoing  ban on commercial whaling is maintained; defiant whaling operations by Iceland, Japan and Norway are condemned and urgent action is agreed to save critically endangered populations and species.  Daily updates from the IWC […]

Nightmare in the north-east Atlantic!

Last year witnessed an alarming escalation in whaling activity in the north-east Atlantic.  This whaling is taking place in waters on Europe’s doorstep,  in Britain’s back-yard.  Over 2,000 whales were killed by the whalers of Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands last year,  making the north-east Atlantic now the epicentre of global whaling. Although whaling is […]

Japan’s ‘scientific’ whaling ruled illegal!

2nd April 2014 Some 40,000 whales have been killed in defiance of the ban on commercial whaling introduced in 1986, with over 15,000 whales slaughtered for so-called ‘scientific research’. Today, while Norway and Iceland are openly defying this ban by conducting commercial whaling operations in the north-Atlantic, Japan has continued to kill hundreds of whales […]

Faroe Islands in mass whale and dolphin killing horror!

Over 1,000 whales and dolphins have been driven ashore and brutally slaughtered with hooks and knives in the Faroe Islands in just the past 24 days.  On August 13th,  a staggering 450 dolphins were horrifically killed at Hvalba. Every year around 700 pilot whales are killed for their meat and blubber in the Faroes.  The […]

Call on Faroes Prime Minister to end whaling

Campaign Whale has written to the Faroes’ Prime Minister, along with ten other anti-whaling organisations, calling for an end to the cruel slaughter of  whales and dolphins on public health, animal welfare and conservation grounds. The letter follows another summer of whale hunts resulting in the driving and killing of 590 pilot whales, despite a […]

Faroes whale kill goes on despite health warnings!

On Thursday 9th August, a pod of 40 pilot whales was driven ashore at Hvannasund in the Faroe Islands. The terrified whales then suffered blunt hooks thrust into their blowholes so they could be dragged into the shallows. There, men with knives cut down through the flesh and blubber semi-decapitating the whales in order to […]

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