How can I help Campaign Whale to protect whales?

There are many ways to help us protect whales:

1) Join the ‘Whale Savers’ scheme

Become a ‘Whale Saver’ from just £20 a year and receive a special ‘Whale Savers’ certificate, metal badge and regular newsletters. Please click here to be re-directed to our ‘Whale Savers’ page.

2) Create a ‘Whale Savers’ club with friends

If you also have friends who like whales and dolphins, join forces and create your own ‘Whale Savers’ club. Together, you could organise projects to help raise awareness about these wonderful marine mammals and raise money to protect them. Download our A-Z of fundraising ideas.

3) Raise money when you search the internet

If you enjoy surfing the internet, then why not help to protect whales at the same time. Campaign Whale is signed up to the search engine facility called ‘Homepages friends’.

To raise money, please click here to set the Campaign Whale search engine as your home page.

The more you search the internet, the more money is raised to help protect whales.

4) Write to the Japanese, Icelandic and Norwegian Governments

Some people want to let Iceland, Japan and Norway hunt whales off their coasts because they refuse to stop whaling anyway. Campaign Whale believes whaling is cruel and should be banned forever. Please write a letter, or send a picture or poem, to the Icelandic, Norwegian and Japanese Ambassadors in London or your country saying that killing whales is cruel and asking them to please stop whaling:

Here are the addresses to write to in the UK.

Icelandic Ambassador address:
His Excellency Benedikt Jonsson, Ambassador
Embassy of Iceland,
2A Hans Street,

For other countries, please click here

Japanese Ambassador Address:
His Excellency Mr Shin Ebihara , Ambassador
Embassy of Japan
101-104 Piccadilly

For other countries, please click here

Norwegian Ambassador Address:
His Excellency H.E. Mr Kim Traavik (starts September 2010)
Royal Norwegian Embassy
25 Belgrave Square

For other countries, please click here

5) Write to the Prime Minister

If you live in the UK, please also write to Prime Minister David Cameron and ask him to help stop whaling:

The Rt Hon. David Cameron MP
Prime Minister
Downing Street

Thank you. Together we can protect whales, dolphins, and porpoises forever.

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