Corporate Support

Could your company helps us protect these wonderful animals? Humpback whale breaching.Campaign Whale welcomes support from the appropriate companies to continue its vital work protecting whales, dolphins, porpoises and their habitats worldwide.

Your company can help us to protect hundreds of thousands of whales via corporate membership, employee fundraising and affiliate schemes. Further details listed below:

Corporate membership

The membership scheme is an important source of income for Campaign Whale. Subscription to the scheme will help fund our vital campaign and public education work.

The scheme is open to corporate organisations that meet the criteria below:

  • Are cruelty free i.e. do not test on animals or sell any products / services containing animal ingredients
  • Act in an environmentally friendly way
  • Act in an ethical way

Membership options (price per year)

Benefit to your company Bronze = £50 Silver = £100 Gold = £500
Special certificate Yes Yes Yes
Company name listed in newsletter Yes Yes Yes
Pin badge(s) 1 badge 2 badges 5 badges
Tri-annual newsletters 1 copy 2 copies 5 copies
Company name listed on website Yes Yes Yes
Hyperlink on website Yes Yes
Suitable adver / banner on website Yes

Tailor made packages

We can create a tailor made package to suit your company’s individual needs. There is also an opportunity for a special subscription rate to join our sister organisation ‘Seal Protection Action Group’ and its ‘Seal Savers’ scheme. To discuss this further, please contact us on 01273 471403 or send us a message via our online contact form.

Affiliate marketing

Campaign Whale works with a range of organisations though affiliate-marketing schemes. Please click here to view our ‘Shop Online’ section, which features a range of affiliate retailers – for every item sold Campaign Whale, receives a donation.

If you would like to set up an affiliate marketing scheme with Campaign Whale, please contact us on 01273 471403 or send us a message via our online contact form.

Employee fundraising

Looking for a new challenge? Then join forces with your colleagues and organise a fundraising project to raise vital funds to help Campaign Whale protect whales and dolphins around the world.

Find out more about fundraising for Campaign Whale.

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