Campaign Whale has a web shop with the organisation ‘Buy At’. When you purchase items via our web shop, the retailers will donate to Campaign Whale.

Please note that in order for Campaign Whale to receive a donation from the retailer, you will need to enable cookies. Find out how cookies work.

Featured retailers and special promotions

Love Film
The UK’s most popular DVD rental service
Sign up for a free, no obligation 21-day free trial.
Donation to Campaign Whale: £4.50
Broadband internet for only £5.99 a month.
Donation to Campaign Whale: £25/£35

Ethical Superstore
Your one stop shop for ethical and fair-trade brands and goods. Free UK delivery on all orders over £50.
Donation to Campaign Whale: 8%

Natural Collection
Unusual and beautiful lifestyle products including natural, organic, energy-efficient, and handcrafted products.
Donation to Campaign Whale: 7%

Euro Office

Please note that Campaign Whale is not liable for any faults or problems with the goods or services provided by the retailers at the ‘Buy At’ web shop. If you have any problem with a product, please contact the company concerned.

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