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he description said large, leading me to think it would be larger. For the price I could've paid another $10 and gotten a bigger wallet but I'm dealing with it. I may get a bigger wallet and just give this one away as a gift or sale it not sure yet. Just somewhat small to my taste. I JUST bought this for $130 and a few days later I see it for $90. Not happy with this..but the wallet itself is great, I have one in brown so I bought this one for my sister for prescription sunglasses ackage type is very suitable for travel and leisure. This kind of single shoulder bag has two kinds of way to carry and can be portable, can also be worn, very casual, design fashion and practical. This beaded bag is very suitable for use in summer, lovely design, collocation of colorful summer dress is very beautiful. , reveal a talented xu jinglei turns into a fashionable woman of 2015.04 michael kors totes on sale hanges, now of the beauty of fashion concept has not only refers to the dress apparel, all kinds of goods into the eyes of people, and sometimes when out of a lot more makeup or with some other small items, so all sorts of fashion beautiful bag become essential beauty someone you and sometimes in order to match different occasions, different season, different clothing, often a lot of beauty in the wardrobe always lay several or even dozens of bags. Here, we emphatically introduce some ladies to you a single shoulder bag.Ms that, single.