More whale and dolphin killings in the Faroes

Save the pilot whales!

In 2016,  295 pilot whales were killed in 5 drive hunts in the Faroes – a group of islands situated midway between Scotland and Iceland.

An average of 800 pilot whales are killed each year, even though toxic pollutants in the meat and blubber pose a serious threat to both whales and people.

Since 2008, some 5,198 pilot whales, 680 dolphins and 18 bottlenose whales have been slaughtered.  Yet in 2008, no pilot whales were killed. This was the year Faroese Health Leaders first warned that the meat and blubber was so contaminated with toxic pollutants it was no longer fit for human consumption! These  contaminants have been linked with a number of serious health issues found in the Faroese population. The impact of the poisons on the whales themselves is seldom considered, but combined with many other environmental threats caused by human activities,  it may prove catastrophic.

Please help our campaign to end an unfolding tragedy for both whales and people in the Faroe Islands.  Every purchase of our special pilot whale and other soft toys helps support our work!

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